About Goodin Farms

Goodin Farms using Technology

At Goodin Farms we believe in continual herd and breed improvement. By utilizing gain tests, ultrasound data, Livestock Genetic Services DNA testing, and EPD’s we strive to produce only top quality Santa Gertrudis and Santa Gertrudis influenced cattle.

Goodin Farms - Our Cattle

At Goodin Farms we use only the highest quality Santa Gertrudis bulls and females in our breeding program. By utilizing artificial insemination and embryo transfer our herd inventory has been called the most diverse and progressive in the Santa Gertrudis breed. NuGen genetics make all of our animals market ready.

Crossbreeding is a large part of our commitment to the commercial cattleman. The genetics used in our cross-breeding program are the nation’s best. Our F1 females and cross-bred bulls are second to none in the beef industry. Commercial cattlemen come every year to purchase our Santa GertrudisXAngus, Santa GertrudisXRed Angus and Santa GertrudisXWagyu offspring. Our extensive use of DNA fingerprinting and Genomic testing along with the effective use of EPD’s takes all the guessing out of the purchase of animals from our farm.

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