Semen For Sale at Goodin Farms

Jump into the lead of the Santa Gertrudis Breed by using genetically superior bulls. Paternal influence in a herd has been studied multiple times and all research proves you can change the performance of your herd immediately by using artificial insemination. The cattle business is all about performance and the bulls below will add performance, body and fleshing ability to your herd. Don’t be intimidated by the scientific terms of artificial insemination and synchronization.

The practice of artificial insemination is easier than you might think. Many beef producers have found out that breeding cattle with artificial insemination is more efficient and easier than the traditional means of buying a bull. Use several bulls on your herd this year with artificial insemination. Rebuild your herd with confidence and win in the show ring while your at it.

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Name Registration
Geronimo 3983 1120819
King Ranch 97/10 1288482
OR Carol Stevenson 20/3 780396
Bill Deagen & Sons Pride
Bosque 546/9 677654
Houston Holdup 1123707
King 55 244750
Lonesome Stone Koenig 1161121
NuGen Legend 1280471
Chaparosa OM 864 108/0 674826
Doc’s Rumor 1031636
Grizzlie’s Chunk 1213808
Hunts DHF Missile 961 1202139
Moseby Creek Zulu 1209896
DF HF Patriot 308 1234447
Wendt 5876 1132261
Double TT Ervin 1279543
Hatchet 150 1137949
Cadillac 1 1046379
CB Cimarron 333 20132565
SR Genesis 75/3 20132516
King Ranch 395/18 20183520
Briggs Boom 015/12 201201002130
Harris Navidad 8/5 20152735
Red Doc Diablo 6306 20164169